We are Kula

We’re a gathering place where people can unwind and come together, and where we don’t make it any more complicated than that. Whether you have a meal or drink in our all day cafe, join a yoga class, attend an event or grab a coffee – it’s entirely up to you. Because Kula is for everyone.

Making wellbeing easy and fun for all

By offering a place where people can explore all kinds of connections, Kula aims to contribute to people’s happiness and wellbeing. Feeling good is a piece of cake, and at Kula you can try all the flavors. We’re a community that help people feel more alive, without taking things too seriously. Kula celebrates the free-thinking, the friendly and the fun. We encourage you to just be, with yourself and with everything around you, and to feel good about yourself in doing so.

A place where we connect

We bring a little calm to the daily storms by embodying new ways to find enjoyment and onnection – with ourselves and with others. Let’s explore and create connections with the worlds within and around us together – that’s the Kula way of life. We invite you to go back to your roots: back to the source of what really matters, to you as an individual in this particular moment. Kula is a place where you can meet like-minded people and where you can explore new influences.