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Ma – Vrij : 8.00 – 22.30 uur
Sat – Sun: 9.00 – 23.00 uur

Dogs are welcome!

Group reservations

We only take group reservations from 6+ people. In case you’re interested, send us an email and we’ll make the magic happen!

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PR or event request?

At Kula we love cool collabs, creative sessions and social gatherings. We also like to host you and your company in our all day cafe or studio. Get in touch with us and we’ll get right back to you.


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Kula family

We’re looking for awesome people to join our team! From kitchen crew and waiters to yoga teachers and workshop hosts. Hit us up with your story or send us an email for more info. Button: mail us!

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Get a glimpse into our Kula ‘guestbook’ - including your love letters, drawings, inspiring quotes and many more things. 🪄

We’re so thankful for all the beautiful memories. We can’t wait for more to come.

Together we are Kula. Big Hug! X the Kula Fam ♥️

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Yay for the weekend vibes! Hoping you soaked up some sunshine, the past days, like we did at #TheKulaLife. 🌾

And speaking of weekend treats, nothing beats our ‘Wasabi Crunch Burger’ for that perfect comfort food. 🍔

What’s your go-to weekend snack? Share below! 😋

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Hop into Easter weekend with us at @thekulalife! 🐣

Let’s celebrate the joy of new beginnings & cherished moments with loved ones. Wishing you all a beautiful Easter, we hope to see you guys around. 🌷

Also, don’t forget to check out our yoga schedule! 🧘🏼‍♂️ We added a few ‘Easter Special’ classes.

PS: We’re open during both Easter days, usual opening hours.

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Fresh air in the studio on this gloomy day. 🌬️

Spring is in the air! Do you also notice those small signs? 🌱How nature carefully starts to bloom and the days are getting longer? We can’t wait for a new sunny season on the terrace! 🌞🍹

#SpringIsInTheAir #TheKulaLife #BackToYourRoots #Kula

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Our kitchen stars have been cooking something.. 🥁 Say hi to our 2 newbies on the menu:

Very Berry Smoothie 🫐 - Berries, banana, orange, ginger, oats & almond milk.

Thai Pumpkin Soup 🎃 - A warming bowl of goodness made with pumpkin, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves & coconut milk. Yum!

Have you tried one of them yet? 🤟🏻

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Are you looking for something to start this year off right? - make sure to check out are upcoming events. A perfect way to unwind & start the year relaxed. 👁️ 💆🏽

14-01 • ‘Homecoming’ - Cacao Ceremony, Deep Yin & Yoga Nidra - by @amelie_chretien 💫 - ‘This workshop combines ancient traditions with modern practices, offering you a holistic journey of self-discovery and healing. It’s a deeply nurturing experience for your mind, body, and spirit, providing you with an opportunity to return to your authentic self.’

21-01 • Healing Hormone Workshop – by @bloomwithroisin 🫶🏻 - This workshop is an invitation to reconnect with your cyclical self and let your body speak. Many women experience discomfort because of hormonal imbalances. 🙏🏻 These discomforts are the body’s way of asking you to listen – to hear its needs and become whole again. Take the plunge and dive deep into the world of hormones to initiate the healing process from within.

17-02 • Breathwork - Special: Women Only - by @authenticshapess 💗 - ‘Let’s invite that sensual feminine energy into your body. We’re opening up the channels for energy to move freely and gain a deeper connection with our body & senses through the transformative power of breath. 🌬️

18-02 • Deep Yin & Touch - ‘A Warm Embrace’ - by @unfoldyouryoga 🌞 - ‘This workshop feels like a warm hug to your system. During this time of year, we can feel the need to go more inwards, come to silence and ground into the connection to ourselves. A healing touch helps to ground, be more present and (re)connect with the body.’

17-03 • Language of the Body by @unfoldyouryoga 🧘🏼‍♂️ - ‘(Re)connect to the subtle messages of your body. This workshop is all about embodiment. Embodiment means ‘to make visible’ – your body tells a story & that story is about you. It’s one of our most important messengers & guides in life, if we learn how to listen.

For more info or tickets, please check our link in bio to visit our website or our highlight ‘Events’.

We can’t wait to welcome you, lovely peeps! ♥️

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Happy 2 year anniversary to us! 🥳

A BIG thanks to all of you peeps, for all the love, beautiful moments & new connections. ♥️ We are forever grateful.

Check out our trip down memory lane - we simply ‘just can’t get enough’. 🤪✌🏻

Here’s to way more years full of love, laughter & of course yummy drinks and comforting food. 🦦

#NoWorriesItsKula #2YearsOfKula #Magic #Fun #Wellbeing

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Pea, Mint & Coco Soup 🫛 - a vibrant green bowl of goodness made with coconut milk. Because at Kula, we believe in crafting flavors that awaken your taste buds and nourish your soul. Embrace the cozy vibes, indulge in the warmth, and get your veggies in! 🍵🍂

PS: It’s a perfect pre-yoga dinner! Have you tried one of our soups yet? 😊

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The season of cozy evenings has arrived as well as spending more time inside where it’s nice & warm. 🕯️🤎

Spend your last hours of the day at @thekulalife while journaling or maybe even finishing some work before joining a relaxing yoga class in the studio. 🧘🏽‍♀️

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a hot choco - balance is key right. 😉

#NoWorriesItsKula #Journaling #Cozy

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